Impacting Animation-VFX Knowledge – Concept Art Techniques in Animation and Films

WEBCAST REPLAY: Impacting Animation/VFX Knowledge – Concept Art Techniques in Animation and Films

May 10, 2020 | drmayor2004 | CGAfrica Events

A webcast that demonstrates and develops a strong understanding of the elements that make strong and compelling concept art for films and animation.

This webcast session will provide an insight into the important things to consider when designing concept art including character design for animation and film. This will spark your imagination to push what you can do by using shape as a building block for building characters, props, environment arts etc. for a successful animation or film project.


Segun Samson, CGAfrica Animation in Africa
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Segun Samson

Concept Artist







Segun Samson is one of the best Concept Artist from Nigeria.

      He has worked at Elixir studios, Lantern books, Dreamcast animation studio, genii games etc. and worked in the production of Jungle Beat The Movie and Monster High Electrified.

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